Life Can Be A Puzzle ~ February 4

Life Can Be A Puzzle

Until we find the missing peace

And we desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end: Hebrews 6:11

I like to do jigsaw puzzles, and my method is to get all the outside pieces in place then start on the interior part of the puzzle. I’ll usually work on it based on color, getting little sections of the picture together, and then trying to find a way to hook the sections together. I constantly refer to the picture on the box, but sometimes the colors are so similar it’s hard to know which piece goes where. And then, there’s always that one piece that’s missing!

Putting a puzzle together takes time, and what I’ve learned to do is take it slow. I’ll work on it for a while, then go do something else and come back to the puzzle later. It’s sometimes amazing when I come back; all of a sudden I see things more clearly.

The puzzles of life are much the same, and sometimes it helps to take a step back, then come back and attack the situation from a fresh perspective. When life begins to get the better of us, it helps to be still, be at peace, and take it slow. A puzzle is no fun when you try to rush through it, and neither is life. Slow down. You might be amazed to find that missing peace was right there in front of you the whole time.


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