Sometimes I Get Mad! ~ February 8

Sometimes I Get Mad!

And sometimes… I cry

Be not hasty in your spirit to be angry: for anger rests in the bosom of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9

We all have emotions, and too much of the time, we try to keep them hidden from others. When we try to keep our feelings hidden inside, we are, in effect, focusing on them and allowing them to grow stronger. This can be true of good feelings as well as bad.

I’ve always had a temper, and as I began to grow closer to God, I decided I should try and control it. I soon realized I couldn’t control it, and in fact, the harder I tried to not get mad, the more often I seemed to get mad.

It was only when I realized the only way to control my temper was to lose it that I began to lose the tendency to let things anger me. You may have already guessed that what I learned to do was let go and let God. Instead of focusing on the problems and bad things of this world and getting angry about them, I started focusing my attention on God and the good things of His world.

And, there’s a big clue in that last paragraph; the difference in my attitude is when I focus on His world, instead of this world. They are, to coin a phrase… worlds apart.



  1. my issue as well…anger is so all- consuming if we let it.

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