Sink Or Swim

I’m not a teacher, preacher, or theologian, and I don’t presume to have any of the answers, much less all of them. I’m just a guy who, like most of us, is trying to make sense of this life we’re living. I write a variety of things, most of which I hope is helpful, encouraging, or at the least, entertaining in some way to those who read it. Mostly, I write about where life has taken me, where it’s brought me to, and where I’m hoping to go.

Sink Or Swim


Sometimes I get discouraged

Thinking things aren’t going

The way I think they should


Not so long ago

I could dive into a pity party

And swim in its depths

Depressed for days at a time

I’d sit on the sands of sorrow

At the bottom of the pond bottom of lake

Of guilt, blame, and self-condemnation

Staring up through the murky muck

Of my misery and shame

At A faraway light

Filtering its way through it all


Then a change came over me

When at last I realized

It was up to me

To sink or swim

I could remain at the bottom

Of the pond of despair

Or swim toward the light



Those thoughts and feelings

Are quickly shoved aside

As I consider how awesome life is


These days

I find myself floating on my back

In a pool of God’s clear, pure, grace



I see Them

Sitting high above

Watching me

And I imagine there are times

When I’m making a mess of things

That God shakes His head sadly

And with a concerned expression

Looks over at His Son

And every time

Yes, every time

Jesus says, “It’s okay, Father

He’s one of mine”


And God smiles


Copyright © 2014 C Mashburn


Sharing this bit of redneck rambling with the good folks at dVerse Poets Pub, on their Open Link Night #133 this afternoon.



  1. Raivenne said

    “Jesus says, “It’s okay, Father

    He’s one of mine”

    And God smiles”

    Really? How can you not smile reading that?

  2. ha. what a reassurance there is in that last bit
    i am pretty sure god shakes his head at me quite a bit
    as i tend to make a few messes…

    a beautiful grace.

    • I’m pretty sure we all make a mess of things from time to time…
      Thanks, Brian!

  3. If you have a belief that sustains you and enables you to survive this heartless world. Then all power to you!

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