I Must’ve Got Lost ~ February 27

I Must’ve Got Lost

Somewhere down the line

in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

I sometimes look at my life as a really bad round of golf. I’ve been off the fairway (path) more than I’ve been on it, and hazards (sand traps and ponds) were like magnets, drawing my ball (me) into them way too often. My ball striking skills were so bad, I’d yell fore before I swung the club. I had one goal when I played golf; attempt to get back home without hurting anyone.

Not being good at golf saved me money though. Golf balls are kind of expensive, and since I usually hit my tee-shot into the trees or tall grass instead of the fairway, I would quite often find balls other players had lost and not been able to find. So, there was an advantage to taking the scenic route. Taking the “scenic route” in life, however, did not save me money. In most cases, I paid dearly when I wandered off the path.

My golf game has only gotten a little better, but my performance in the game of life is getting better all the time. God hasn’t (not to say He can’t or won’t) done much to improve my ability to hit a golf ball straight, but in the game of life He’s keeping me on the right path more consistently.

And I’ve noticed something interesting in both games; I hardly ever hurt anyone these days.

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