The Ride

I’ve got a new book—a novella—coming out next week, and this poem has absolutely nothing to do with it. Well… maybe a little… in a very roundabout way. Very roundabout. … … Nah. Not even a little bit. Watch for the announcement of “Juli”!

The Ride


The villainously curled moustache

Played second fiddle to bramble brows

But it was the eyes moustache 2

That made my blood run cold


Like twin dots of old motor oil

On dusty concrete

They were deep

Dangerous and full of false promises


And the snarling, side-saddle smile

Said more than any words could say

As he bore a hole

Through my trembling soul


To his left she perched

A small hand on his shoulder

Smiling… at me

With those lips


Lips that begged to be kissed

While taunting pale blue eyes

Promised everything

But… only if… I could save her


I looked away

Closed my eyes

And let the swaying of the car

Lull me awake


Copyright © 2014 C Mashburn


With the new book and my other sundry endeavors (not to mention weather suitable for golf) I was too busy to write a poem for dVerse this morning—until I saw the prompt for their Meeting the Bar feature. I saw it as a challenge, shouted, “Battle!”, and … well… here I am! Dang it, Brian!



  1. twin dots of motor oil…ha…nice…way to use the features to tell us a bit more about him…and set a mood to him…i like the contrast between him and her as well…side saddle smile is another great description….

  2. What a story.. sounds like an important choice.. sound like a choice between different kind of pains..

  3. Day dreaming with your eyes wide open and closing them to wake – I found that part the most compelling as you painted composite characters from movies, books, news footage…clever, colorful, amusing and well done.

  4. Loved how you closed your eye to wake up . . .

    • Kinda of like a lizard sunning on a rock when the rain starts splattering around him in big slow drops. A good nap ruined.

  5. claudia said

    oh i much like the twin dots of old motor oil …how cool a description is that… and congrats on your book as well… woot!

  6. I don’t like him at all, or her for that matter. Glad you made an escape from their gaze. I think you rose to the challenge. Peace, Linda

    • I agree, Linda! Couple a shady characters, if ya ask me.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Those eyes can make my blood run cold too. Congrats on your new book! Great achievement!

  8. lucychili said

    yes he is a spooky soul,
    great metaphors
    enjoy your golf =)

  9. shanyns said

    Awesome! Glad you joined in.

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