Growing up I heard more than once, “A person is innocent until proven guilty.” It seems to me , somewhere along the line, this notion has been reversed, and I think part of the blame—maybe most of it—can be placed on the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet, and can’t imagine not having it. But! I believe there is such a thing as too much “information”. And to illustrate, I point out two key words in that last statement: “I believe.”

Most people—I’m definitely one of them—are pretty set in their ways, and have already made up their minds about the subjects most important to them. Politics, and religion, are two that come immediately to mind, and if you really want to get someone up on their soapbox, combine the two.

Getting back to the Internet and its roll in the debate/argument, I notice an ever increasing plethora of information being posted on social networking sites that is often untrue, or at the least, tells only a portion of the story. In either case, the person posting the information is pointing an accusing finger at the subject person and/or idea in the post, and, declaring (simply by posting it, or with a lead-in statement) their information to be true.

We have many huge issues in our country today, and some of them are very important to me, but the overload of information we receive on a daily basis can be confusing and, all too often, misleading. I’m trying (it’s not easy to do) to be more open-minded about things, and instead of taking each and every article—many of which I immediately agree with—as truth, doing research on it, to confirm whether it’s true, half true, or neither.

It’s not my business to teach or preach, and I have no desire to change your mind about anything. I’m simply encouraging you to take what you read or hear with a grain of salt, and find out if it’s true before you spread it around.

The truth matters.



  1. adopted80 said

    Charlie my brother from another mother, you nailed this one. I aggree with you 100 percent…keep them coming..

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