My Favorite Part of the Day

Where do I begin…

to tell the story of how great each day can be…

The sweet love story…

of how much God blesses me

From glorious morning, to the setting of the sun… sunset boy

He’s there each hour…

from beginning ’till it’s done…

Where do I start…






Sharing this on dVerse Poets Pub’s Poetics:Emotion in Poetry. (Poetry is emotion; don’t ya think?)

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  2. Colourfade said

    you have a great beginning.

  3. i dunno, you just can pick up at any part of the story and i am sure it would highlight his vastness…..smiles….

  4. Poetry IS emotion… no other way to say it.

  5. I like this one very much.

  6. claudia said

    smiles… it always starts with the first word…and from there it goes…smiles…

  7. A morning.. when all is in front of you.. oppurtunities.. and maybe fears.. but still it’s ahead of you..

  8. Truedessa said

    Charles, I think you have just started..nice to read your words again..

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