Shall We Dance?

Most of us spend too much time wondering—if not downright worrying about—where we are going, and far too little time enjoying where we are. Compounding this life error, we often dwell on and/or magnify the negative aspects of our lives, and ignore and/or diminish the value of the positive things we enjoy each day.

I saw a little girl yesterday, and I marveled at the sheer joy she exhibited as she literally danced around in her front yard. I realized the little girl’s life was probably not joyful all day, but that only served to illustrate that in spite of disappointments she may have experienced—perhaps even moments before coming outside—she was, in that moment, filled with joy and happiness.

A Place to Dance Wolf Pen Creek Park College Station, TX

A Place to Dance
Wolf Pen Creek Park
College Station, TX

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like littlechildren, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Maybe one of the meanings of His words is He wants is us to be so filled with His spirit we will want to dance around the yard like a child on a bright spring day, overflowing with joy, knowing we are loved by Him.

Shall we dance?



  1. Morgan said

    Very Lovely and Inspiring. Blessings ~

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