I Ran Out of Gas!

Page Two of “My Wheels Fell Off!”

Here’s the thing: I’m just an ordinary guy. I don’t know diddly about too much of anything—especially God and the Bible—but I think there’s a lot of good stuff to be learned from both, and I find there is a lot of peace to be gained when one seeks to learn what God and His Word are all about. Over the past several years, as I read and wrote about verses in the Bible, I gained some understanding of it, and discovered there is great benefit in the seeking of God’s knowledge. The two things that seemed most prominent were peace and joy.

Peace, it seemed, came easily but, for reasons I can’t explain, the joy part of the equation proved to be elusive. I was happy, but I seldom felt an exuberance which I would define as joy. Maybe I was/am expecting too much?

But, getting back to the writing thing and why I quit doing it; I think maybe I ran out of gas. It was kind of like being out of gason a long trip, knowing you should stop for gas, but passing the last station in town, thinking, surely there would be another one just down the road. Then the sun goes down and there’s no lights as far as you can see. You’re running on empty, gripping the steering wheel, and leaning toward the windshield, chastising yourself for not stopping at that last town. Then… the engine coughs… then dies.

And there you sit… alone… in the dark.

(You guessed it. See ya tomorrow.)

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