My Wheels Fell Off!

For about four years—or was it five—I wrote daily encouragements and shared them with friends and family. I published a book called Be Still, which contained the first 365 encouragements I wrote, then continued writing them for a few years. The book sold a few copies, and truth be known, it’s probably been more successful than it deserves to be. I know, Sherry, I know; I’m my own worst critic. But I also know the encouragements I wrote a few years later got better—with regard to writing quality—and I wish I’d waited to publish a book of them.

Getting to my point, I published another book this year called Juli, and the reception it received was staggering. So no wheelsmuch so, it knocked me into the proverbial ditch. To date, I’ve received $1.52 in royalties. Mind you, none of this is about the money. I don’t write encouragements, stories, or novels because I think I’ll get rich doing it. I write because, for reasons I can’t figure out, I love to do it. I especially love writing things I think will encourage others.

About a month after publishing Juli, the discouragement of its total failure broke me. Readership of my daily encouragements had dwindled to numbers I didn’t need two hands to tally, and suddenly, the encourager was completely discouraged. I pulled up out of the ditch, and rolled down the road, wheels wobbling wildly, and haven’t written more than a page or two of anything in the past few months. This morning, I realize, the wheels have finally fallen off.

I’m going to leave you hanging here (there’s obviously more to this story) because, for one thing, I love leaving the reader hanging, and for another, I’ve learned most readers won’t read anything that’s too lengthy. So… to be continued…



  1. I’m anxiously awaiting the next chapter in this story. I’m hoping for that Happily Ever After Ending.

    • The ending has already been established. I’m just studying my lines and trying to play my part.
      Thanks for your encouragement and support, Kathryn!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    Not fair

  3. […] My Wheels Fell Off! […]

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