Potholes and Troubles!

Page Three of “My Wheels Fell Off!”

If you read my last two posts, and have been waiting breathlessly for the third in the series, please accept my apology. Monday was “one of those days”, and probably triggered the first two posts, and then Wednesday was a repeat. Thankfully, Wednesday wasn’t near as taxing as Monday, but I was nonetheless kept hopping most of the day.

But, as I mentioned, the entire episode—it’s not even important what it was—triggered my foray back to the blog. What my little adventure did, was illustrate to me that my faith and hope can carry me through the rough patches. (Okay, I’ll tell ya all about it, but not today.) J

The thing is, we’re gonna have bad times in our lives; times when the road is bumpy, or even times when the troubles of life are raining down on us so hard we can’t see which way to go. I contend if we didn’t have some rough patches and storms, we wouldn’t know or appreciate when the ride is smooth and the way is clear. As I’ve studied God’s word and sought His wisdom over the past several years, it’s become a lot easier to get through the occasional stretch of bad road and weather the storms that come along.

Maybe it’s not the same for everyone—I know some have it a lot rougher than I do (or ever did for that matter—but I believe knowing God loves us can cause us to know the bad stuff will pass, and the good stuff will still be there.

A New Day Begins

A New Day Begins

As for me, I stood in my backyard this morning and as I looked at the scene before me, memories of the potholes and troubles I’d encountered this week drifted away on the morning mist.

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  1. gmapoetry said

    Thank you for your post, I needed that reminder. I had an especially frustrating morning dealing with my husband’s Dementia.

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    I rediscovered this week that whatever comes against us, God will take care of it!

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