Honor… the Last Gleaming

To most, honor is an antiquated notion at best, a corrosive naïveté at worst, but few human attributes deserve the exaltation and attention honor should. Living an honorable life is a choice, but unfortunately, it’s a choice too many these days don’t care to make.

It easier to simply go with the flow rather than have the attributes that describe honor; integrity, honesty, uprightness, ethics,  and morals, just to name a few. Many of our youth today don’t even know the meaning of honor or it’s synonyms. They weren’t taught them at home, and surely didn’t learn them in school. Many want to blame the school system, but in reality, I’m sorry to say, it’s our fault. We, the parents and grandparents of this new breed of citizen, allowed this to happen. I could go into detail as to the reasons we must shoulder the responsibility, but you’ve heard it all before.


The wise inherit honor, but fools get only shame. Proverbs 3:35 (If you want to read something really good, read all of Proverbs 3.)


  1. Using the word Honor to describe someone is used often and many times incorrectly. Being Honorable is not easy it takes work. It is a virtue that we should be teaching our children and grandchildren, so it doesn’t die.

  2. Nate said

    Being honorable is certainly a high calling today.

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