Tanked In Texas

In a story yesterday, “Dan Was Here!”, I showed a picture of tiny Peach Creek just south of College Station, Texas. A bit further down from where the creek runs under Highway 6, the creek feeds into what’s known in Texas (other places too, I’m sure) as a “tank”. I was born in the Texas panhandle, but I moved around a lot before coming home for good in the late eighties, and I’ve lived in central and east Texas ever since. Before coming back, I’d never heard the term “tank” in the sense they use it around here.

I thought this was a stock tank.

I thought this was a stock tank.

I’d hear folks talking about swimming in a tank, and I thought it was an odd thing to do. Seemed to me tanks were too small to swim in.

Or even this.

Or even this.

But it turns out, THIS is a stock tank in Texas!

But it turns out, THIS is a stock tank in Texas!

I would’ve thought they’d be called stock ponds, but, hey, what do I know! I will say, that “tanks” are some of the prettiest scenery you’ll see around here, and there ain’t no two ways about it, central and east Texas have some beautiful scenery!


  1. Gary said

    Also has some of the worst weather.

    • oh, now, Gary. Don’t be bad-mouthin us.
      I was just wonderin why you don’t harass me much any more. I’ll be out your way in a couple of weeks. Be at Wayne’s place on Thursday evening, 7/17. Come see me!

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