If It Acts Like A Duck…

The leaders God intends for us to follow are His leaders, not the self-appointed or “elected” leaders of worldly realms.

But, how do we know who God’s leaders are in a world so full of lies and deceit? That’s simple—by their actions. To coin a phrase, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. “Please note the first part of the statement: If it walks  (acts) like a duck. Men can say anything, and those who are not paying attention will follow them based on their words. It’s a man’s walk—his actions—we should pay close attention to.

The most important thing is to know God is ultimately in charge and we should put our faith in him. Too often, we begin to see a man as our savior, and without realizing it, begin to put our faith in him instead of God. Stay in the word, and trust God to give you wisdom. Be still, and He will make your way clear.

If it looks like a duck... :)

If it looks like a duck…


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