I’m Like A Day-old Donut!

We had lunch at Panera one day last week, and I brought home some cobblestones. They’re pretty dern tasty, and one of Mom’s



favorites. Lots of calories though, so we usually split one. This morning, I fixed them Charlie style; cut ‘em in half, put a little butter on them & warmed them on the griddle. Awww-some!

I should actually refer to it as Wilma style, because Mom introduced me to the idea back when I was a kid. She’d bring home day-old glazed donuts from Mildred’s, and heat them up in the frying pan with a little butter. They tasted as good—maybe better—than they did fresh. I have used the technique over the years with all kinds of pastries; it works really well on apple fritters! You don’t have to wait for them to be a day old either; fresh ones are just as delicious done this way.

As we were enjoying them with our coffee this morning, I commented that they reminded me of us; when we give our lives to Christ, He makes us better than we were before!


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