Can We Keep Him!?

He won’t eat much, and we won’t even have to clean up after him. Honest, Mom! He can live in the lake!

Well, he (or she?) might not eat much this year, but in a few years he might! This is our newest resident; decided to live under our fishing dock. Makes a pretty big splash when you walk up and surprise him. Kind of unnerving when you don’t realize what it is. Come to think of it… kind of unnerving when you do know what it is!

Look close; he's under there!

Look close; he’s under there!

I’m trying to get a better picture of him, but you can see his head under the dock about center of the pic. I followed him around the

lake a couple days ago, and wasn’t able to get another picture, but did see his full length; about 4-5 feet, nose-to-tail.


  1. Gary said

    Have you been out to take a dip with him? As tough as you are there shouldn’t be any problems!

    • I’m thinkin that’s why there’s no swimming allowed in that lake, Gary. I also think he’s a sneaky one; saw this small tree branch floatin around all day yesterday, and finally figured he’s got it tied to the top of his head… gator camo.

  2. Ken said

    MOM!!!!! You never let me have a Gator! No fair!

  3. Gary said

    Can you get a vision of Kenny walking a gator around Valencia?

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