A Hug & A Howdy

The high school class reunion I attended this past weekend was wonderful far and above what I thought it could be. I saw many folks I hadn’t laid eyes on in 45 years, and in most cases had no idea who they were until they told me. I quickly developed the strategy of sidling over to someone I knew could identify everyone and asking who a person was before I approached them. Brilliant!

The best part was my old pal Barry and his wonderful wife Marilyn being there, and I naturally spent most of my time

Marilyn & Barry Patterson and Leslie & Steve Krumtinger

Marilyn & Barry Patterson and Leslie & Steve Krumtinger

with them. It was one of those derned-if-you-do and derned-if-you-don’t situations though, because though I enjoyed my time and conversations with Barry and Marilyn, it caused me to not have enough time with so many others I would’ve loved to sit and chat a spell with.

I had short conversations with many of my old chums and gal friends, but in too many cases there was only a howdy and a hug (handshake for the dudes) and off we went to share the same with others.

One of the things that made this reunion special to me, was that virtually every person I talked to was doing well, and was happy. What a blessing to see your old pals and gal pals with great big smiles on their faces reflecting the joy, peace, and contentment in their hearts.

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