Courteous, Respectful, Friendly, Efficient…

Those four words will not sell newspapers or command our attention on the ten o’clock news. Now, throw rude, angry, or strip search into the headline or the news-at-ten teaser, and the collective eyes and ears of the world are tuned in.

I’ve heard all the bad stuff—we all have—but, when was the last time you heard anyone say something positive or—brace

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport - back in the day

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – back in the day

yourself—complimentary about the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)? Uhhh… lemme think … … Never!

Well, I’m here to give them a good report, so if you’re convinced they are bad and evil, move along; nothing to see here.

Monday morning, I did have a harrowing experience at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, but it had nothing to do with TSA. In fact, they were instrumental and extremely helpful in turning the bad experience into good one.


I won’t go into detail, but you can read about it in my post, Are You Kidding Me. The short version is, I lost my wallet, and with the help of several TSA agents, Officer Higgins of the Phoenix Police Department, and my step-dad Ray Brown, had it back in my hands—everything still in it—within fifteen minutes of when I dropped it. I assume there was another person involved—whoever found my wallet and turned it over to Officer Higgins—but in the relieved excitement of getting it back, I failed to ask him the details of how he’d wound up with it.

In any case, not only were the TSA people extremely helpful throughout my little ordeal but, prior to it, they were nothing but all the things, and more, I listed in the title of this blog post. In fact, just before realizing my wallet had fallen out of my backpack, another passenger and I were discussing how impressed we were with the way the agents were treating everyone, and how they were typically unappreciated for the end result of what they do—keeping us safe when we fly. tsa search

Sure, there are lots of horror stories, but how many good ones go untold. Too often, we magnify the bad and take the good for granted.




The TSA folks at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport get a great big thank you from me today!




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