Eatin’ Goober Peas

Goober peas is actually southern slang term for peanuts, and has nothing to do with this post. Strange thoughts pop into my silly head sometimes, and you are fortunate in that I occasionally am led to share them with you.

As I ate lunch today—leftover fettuccini alfredo from yesterday’s lunch—I was having a bit of difficulty gathering a bite onto the fork and keeping it there long

First one falls...

First one falls…

enough to get it to my mouth. I chuckled at one point as, in my mind, I compared it to trying to eat peas with a butter knife. And then, as often happens, I thought how it was a good illustration of life and the difficulties we encounter as we wander this world.

It seems we try to juggle so many things and fit them into this neat little line—like peas on a butter knife—then just when we think we’ve got things the way they should be, one thing slips, then another, until we’re right back to the task of picking up the pea-ses and getting them back on the knife.

That reminds me; Do any of you know how to catch a polar bear??


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Yep, I know how to catch a polar bear.

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