It’s Not My Job! (This time)

So many times throughout our lives, we come across instances where we see someone we could help, but we’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do. I had such an encounter on the return leg of my recent trip to Phoenix.

I had a three hour layover in Dallas and, as I typically do, spent it walking around the airport, mainly for exercise, but also to do some people watching. In my travels, I came across a lady who had just come through security, and was preparing to make her way to the gate her plane would depart from. She was struggling to strap on a backpack, and I noticed a set of crutches leaning on the counter in front of her. I stopped and watched her, wondering if I should offer to carry the backpack for her, but, of course, every possible reason this wasn’t a good idea ran through my mind.

She finally secured the backpack, and was reaching for the crutches, when an airport employee pushing an empty wheelchair

Hey! Where'd he come from?

Hey! Where’d he come from?

appeared—seemingly out of nowhere—at her side. The guy spoke to the woman—no doubt, offering to take her to her gate and her relief was obvious, as she accepted his offer.

I just smiled and continued on my way, thinking sometimes God not only has things handled, but has a much better plan than we do. He wants us to be willing to help others but He also wants us to know it’s not always our job.



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