Like A Rainbow in the Dark

The wind roared as black clouds raced in, and we ran—your hand holding tight to mine—toward the shelter door in the backyard. I was not afraid, because I was with you, and that is all that matters.

In my waking hours you fill my mind, and when I sleep you walk in my dreams. My thoughts, my dreams, are filled with wonder that we are one.

You’re the reason I rise each day, and when my day comes to an end, I rest secure in your love and safe in your arms. And when you’re not there beside me I feel empty and so dreadfully alone, like a tree on the prairie, shying from the rushing silent wind.

Because of you, my days are filled with hope, for I know even though you may not be there beside me, your love goes wherever I go. It’s the sunshine on my shoulder as I drive down lonely roads, the cool breeze on my brow when the days are hot and long, and when dark clouds gather—sometimes with little warning—your love is my light, my hope, my refuge, and my shelter.

How many ways can I tell you how your love overwhelms and amazes me? You’re my angel of the morning, and mere words are not enough to say all there is to say.

You fill my heart with wonder, like a rainbow in the dark. Like a rainbow in the dark

This morning, as we emerge from the shelter—darkness and destruction scattered all about—I feel your hand on my shoulder, and without words you tell me, the sun will come up, it will shine, and we will begin again.

Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Beautiful, Charlie. You always continue to amaze me with your ability to so eloquently express your feelings. And so you will know, not only are you my light, my hope, and my refuge . . . you are my promise from God.

    I love you.

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