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What’s In A Name?

I’ve been playing fantasy football for about eighteen years, and for the last ten or so have been in a league with family members. I love it, because it gives me an opportunity to interact with my grandsons who I seldom get to see.

Over the years, I’ve re-named my team, oh, probably… 25-30 times. I get a kick out of it, especially when I can entice Nathan—my youngest grandson—to ask what the heck the new name means. When he does, the answer can be quite lengthy—a small novel—and, in my opinion (hopefully Nathan’s too) quite entertaining.

Here’s the latest: Read the rest of this entry »

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I Don’t Care


The poem is one of many I’ve written for Sherry. We celebrated our nineteenth anniversary this past week, and  we intend to continue celebrating our life together for many years to come. God has blessed us so much, but the greatest blessing of all is the unconditional love He gives us, and an ever increasing ability to love each other the way He loves us.  Read the rest of this entry »

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What Do You See?

My friend, Waynette, posted this on Facebook this morning: This is my favorite time of day. It’s peaceful and nothing has gone wrong yet. Tuesdays are good days

I commented: It’s my favorite time of the day, too! It’s peaceful, and I’m thinking about all the awesome things that await me. Granted, most days, those awesome things get postponed, and the day is filled with normal stuff–even bad stuff sometimes–but, heck, at my age… I’m just glad I get to be here! By the way… you sure this is Tuesday???

What do you see when the sun comes up?

The Sun Came Up Again 

The sun came up again

Across the street

In the neighbor’s yard

Through early budding tree limbs


The sky glowed fiery red

Then golden

Then dazzling white

As another day began


A slash of light

Fell ‘cross my arms as I wrote

The thought crossed my mind

That I’d said too much

Heard too much

And it had changed things


I wondered

If they had changed for the better

I hoped so


I’ve changed things before

By being too open

Too honest


I’ve watched the sun come up

Regretting words I’d spoken

The day before

You would think I’d learn


I have learned


I’ve learned

That the sun will come up

Sometimes you will see it

And feel it

Sometimes you won’t

But it’s there


Love is like that

At times you can bask in its warmth

And feel its arms wrapped around you

A flash of it will lay across your heart


Then at other times

It falls silent

And cool

It’s still there

Just not as obvious


 You have to know it’s there

Never doubt it

Never turn away

Just know that behind the cloud

Behind the mountain

Behind whatever has made the warm glow fade

It is there


You have to let it be there

You have to want it to be there

It can’t always be glorious

It can’t always be spring


 Copyright © 1998 C Mashburn

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Be No Evil

White sands, like an endless field of tiny diamonds, sparkled in the early morning sun. Waves rushed in, with a gentle roar then hissed and, almost magically, vanished into the glistening white shore. Not far from the water’s edge, the jungle rose dark and dense, sunlight unable to penetrate the thick leaves and vines. Look closely and you might spot the path; an opening into the hidden depths of the tropical forest. Read the rest of this entry »

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Just A Little Tantrum!

Mother Nature threw one of her little tantrums here yesterday afternoon; two inches of rain in about thirty minutes, and much of

30 minutes worth!

30 minutes worth!

the time it was coming sideways! I always wonder how the rain gauge catches the rain when it’s going sideways. Read the rest of this entry »

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