I Don’t Care


The poem is one of many I’ve written for Sherry. We celebrated our nineteenth anniversary this past week, and  we intend to continue celebrating our life together for many years to come. God has blessed us so much, but the greatest blessing of all is the unconditional love He gives us, and an ever increasing ability to love each other the way He loves us. 

This Eden


The date of our beginning together 

Indivisible at the continental divide

Indivisible at the continental divide

Came and went last week

And it caused me to reflect once again

On something that has often crossed my mind


What if? I sometimes wonder

We had met when we were young

Would our years together now be forty or more

Would our love have been as great then


And what if our beginning had been the beginning

I wonder had you been Eve and I Adam

To have had the whole world and God’s awesome love

Just you and me with all creation to share


Would we have fallen to the serpent’s snare

Believed his lies and tricks

Perhaps it would have been so

But even then we would still have had each other


These dreams of what might have been

Our little piece of heaven.

Our little piece of heaven.

Though wonderful to think upon

Mean nothing, for now is all that matters

You and I forever… in this Eden we’ve been given


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    My last and my best! I love you and cannot imagine life without you. The next 19 years will be an adventure!!

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