The Old Guy’s Still Got It

Granted, he’s not sure what it is he has anymore, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if he knew… but… still…

Anyway, I was out for my final walk on the beach this afternoon, and as I’m walking past these four young ladies, one of them starts walking toward me and says, “Could we interrupt your walk for a minute?”

I said, “You’re gonna get a yes on that one. What’s up?”

She points to the beach, where someone has built a sand sculpture, and says, “We wanted to have our picture taken together, and this looks like a great spot. Would you take our picture?”

I said, “Sure. As long as I can take one with my phone, too.”

“Deal!” she said.

No, really, Sherry… that’s what happened! Sherry… Sherry… … uh-oh. image

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