Just the Facts, Jack!

A poem I wrote in 1998—Pennies From Heaven—has traveled the world, via the Internet, and it gives me great joy to know it has been a comfort and source of peace to many who’ve read it.

It also amazes me when someone wants to point out that the poem isn’t Biblical; some going as far as to claim it is downright blasphemous.

As for it not being Biblical; DUH!

Blasphemous? Are you kidding me?

I reckon I’m just a feel-good poet. (I use the word poet quite loosely.)

The fact is, I’m not a poet, writer, preacher, teacher, or theologian; I just try to do what I can to encourage others. And that’s a fact, Jack!

pennies from heaven picture

The story Pennies From Heaven —> Pennies From Heaven

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