Are You Ready For Some Sunshine?!?!

It’s been raining steady for two straight days, and I’m ready for some sunshine (and golf)! Someone visited this old post on my blog this morning, and it seemed to fit, so I’m posting it again. Y’all have a great day, ah’ight?

Another Will Be Born


Intermittent flashes

Behind the dark night cloud

Wind is heavy blowing

Distant thunder rumbles loud


Standing by the empty streetIMG_20140904_114540_kindlephoto-25541379

I watch the fading storm

Knowing on the ‘morrow

Another will be born


Another love, another child

And storms they’ll weather, too

Anxious days and fearful nights

Crying, Lord what will I do


Happy then… no rain, no wind

Dance and laugh and sing

Eager faces to the dawn

Oh, what will it bring


And so the circle turns again

Sun and rain and snow

Love and storms… then dying

Winds of life forever blow


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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