He Just Walked on By

This really did happen. It’s a funny story (click the link at the bottom to see the actual story and sequels to it). If it doesn’t make you laugh, maybe it’ll start your day with a smile at least. Enjoy!

He Just Walked on By

 I was walking the dog

Pretty much minding my own business

And here comes this kid

Walking down the sidewalk toward me

Pulling a shoe



This young fella was probably ten or eleven years old

Normal looking, nice-looking kid

He had a rope tied to a shoe

And was dragging the shoe along behind him

The shoe was flopping and bouncing around

And it was, to say the least, a comical sight


I smiled at him and said

As if I saw such sights every day

“Walkin’ your shoe?”

“Yep,” was all he said cartoon boy

No smile; no look of disdain

Don’t be a smart-ass old man

No sir, he just walked on by


I had to laugh

It was, after all, something I might have done

When I was his age

Hell… I might’ve even done it now

If I’d thought of it first

 Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

There are stories about the kid and his shoe! Click here for the first one "When Does Weird Cross the Line", then click the links at the bottom of that story to see the sequels.

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