We’re Missing Another Hero

When we were little boys , my cousin Eddy Madden and I would imitate our TV heroes. Yesterday, my fellow hero passed away after a long battle with cancer. Ed loved God, his country and his friends, but most of all he loved his family. This country is now missing another hero and this old gunslinger will miss him dearly. I republish the following in his honor, because I know he felt the same.

We Used to Have Heroes  

We used to have heroes; they rode horses, wore white hats, fought for what they believed was right, looked out for their neighbors, and ran the bad guys out of town. I wanted to be like them.

When I was six, I was the Lone Ranger, and at the same time Superman; ever ready to stand against anyone or anything that dared to come against truth, justice, and the American way. When I was eight, I was Paladin–Have Gun Will Travel; a black hat this time, and more rugged, but a hero still, who righted wrongs and would go anywhere to correct injustice and defend the defenseless. When I was ten, I was John Wayne. I learned to walk like him, tried to make my voice deep like his, and hoped I’d grow to be tall, broad shouldered and brave. But mostly, I wanted to be a good man, a superb man, a combination of all of those heroes who cared little for themselves, but lived for what they could do for others.

 Yes, it was just television and all my heroes were make-believe, but they made me believe and they taught me about right and wrong, and so many things. Where have all the heroes gone? Who do we turn to now?  What is truth, or justice? And, what is the American way?  My heroes stood proud and tall, hands on their hips, ready to fight for a way of life and a country they loved, even though that country was flawed in so many ways. 

I love my country

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


  1. Shawn said

    …a very touching tribute! I am happy you’ve become a writer for you’ve much to say and articulate it well!

  2. r2a2r2j2 said

    No, no more TV heros. . . . .for those of us who remember them . . ..So Sad, . . . . I remember Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the like. All who wore their Super Capes instead of Cowboy Hats. But they are no longer either. I’m afraid we are left to teach the children how to be real heros and world becomes more dangerous. Both my children were attacked in public school and both have become avid proponents of Peace and one going to college to counsel victims of violence (having been down that road and knowing how narrow and slippery it is). No more fantasies for our children, I’m afraid, we must teach them Jesus way and NOW. They must be their own hero’s if we haven’t done our jobs, and strong enough to survive this world and then show another the way. God give our children great strength to be heros to each other in the world. Teach us Love, Peace, Grace, and to be brave in the face of our enemies and may our heroship be that our enemies not be our enemies for long. I pray.

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