I Can’t Stay Down

dark clouds 3It’s funny how our mind works, like it’s connected to our heart… or soul. It’s been gray, cold and wet here for a couple of days, and it seems the sun hasn’t shown itself in a long time. I always talk about looking at the good stuff in life—counting our blessings—and I know it works to keep a person at peace, and can even cause feelings of joy. So, why is it the bad stuff can knock us on our butt so quickly? I guess the key—the answer—is to get up. Keep getting up. Get up and turn to the good stuff again. But, man, sometimes you just want to just stay down there and say to hell with it.

But I won’t. I can’t.

The sun will be up and shining in an hour or, so I’m gonna get up and watch it light up this beautiful place I’m blessed to live in. Somebody wrote one time, “It can’t always be glorious, it can’t always be spring.” Oh, wait… It was me. 🙂

The Sun Came Up Again  (click to read the poem)


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I’ve noticed that after a gloomy day, I appreciate the sunny day that much more. It seems I take the sunny days for granted too quickly!

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