I’m Back

Those who’ve followed my blog the last several years, may have noticed that sometime last spring I stopped posting my Daily Encouragements. My readership had dwindled to near nothing, and I got, well, discouraged. So I did what any struggling writer would do… I took some time off and played golf!Ducks in a row

But, I couldn’t stay away from this old keyboard, so here I am , giving it another try. After some consideration as to why the interest might have dwindled, I decided to take a different approach this time around. In hopes of sparking interest, not boring y’all to tears, and hopefully encouraging you along the way, I’ve added photographs, shortened the articles, and will only be posting them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I hope the coming year is a good one for all of you!


  1. r2a2r2j2 said

    Subscribed to your blog a while back, and well, God is doing some new things in my life. I am back to my wordpress acct. where I found your blog and a few others to be encouraging. It is easy to get discouraged. I understand. Me. . . .although I never lost sight of God, I became wrongly focused in life. And then on Thanksgiving Day this year, I couldn’t walk. . . I mean. . . at all ! I hurt my back so badly. In prayer for three days, begging, pleading, asking, believing, intermittently moving, and stepping and walking and enduring discomfort, God helped me but also helped me see that I had been walking in my life in the wrong direction (away from him). Ironically, I did this doing housework, Yep, housework. This. . . .after God gave me a miracle this year. My husband fell asleep at the wheel going down the highway while my daughter and I were passengers. Our car, going 80 miles an our rolled down an embankment, 3 times, landing on its roof. All three of us simply unbuckled our seat belts, fell to the roof, crawled out, and walked up the embankment, Absolutely no injuries. Two offduty Emergency Technicians awaited us outside the car to assist us up the embankment. What are the odds that they should be there at that moment? No injuries? Thank you God and I can’t stop Thanking Him. But, He is still drawing me closer. . . . .so I’ll be looking forward to your encouraging blog. God is so good, more than we ever know.

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