Until Death Do Us Part?

Do they even say that anymore? It seems marriage is no longer considered a forever thing. In fact, in many instances, it seems isn’t even considered necessary (unless, of course, it affects your health insurance).

A Thousand Angels Crying

Star filled sky on lonely night Angel crying

A thousand angels crying

Looking down upon the sight

Of another love that’s dying


Lovers part on quiet street

Never more their lips will touch

Eyes dark with pain a last time meet

Hearts breaking, love’s weight too much


Silent night, no words left to say

All is said, the wind whispers, no

Lovers unhearing, slow walk away

To their separate tomorrows go


Golden ring there on the ground

Wind whispers, no…. trees sighing

From grey morning sky, the mournful sound

Of a thousand angels crying


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Not ours, baby . . . It’s a forever kind of love.

  2. r2a2r2j2 said

    In this day, as more people, are unfamiliar with God, or leave God’s side and his word, and become unfamiliar with what God did through Jesus Christ, they have no understanding of “unconditional” love and today’s expectations of inviting someone into your circle of socialization is based upon many, many worldly, and very superficial expectations. How much money you earn and where you work or whom you work for in your community may be one strike for or against you in the social fabric of our society. And that is just ONE. Their are so many other personal worldy judgements, expectations, wants, lusts, “supposed needs”, that this world tells people and couples in particular that they have to have in their lives in order to be a “Successful” couple. Pressure, pressure!! If they only knew God’s unconditional love, and that they don’t need all that worldy confusion! The media tells us what we ought to have, how we ought to be and changes it week by week. They play to our Egos. Between Ego and Money, and without God, couples don’t stand a chance. And Marriage, Well Marriage is supposed to be a contract, not just a legal document, but a imitation of the “Binding Love Contract that God has made with us for Unconditional Love”. But. . . .if we are unfamiliar with God, if we are unfamiliar with the term unconditional, if we don’t really know that we are marrying for love. . . if we don’t know that Jesus Christ is the representation of God’s Love for us, (and our salvation) , why then would marriages survive? God help us. . . . in most marriages today. . . couples really don’t even know what kind of person they are marrying (hence the rise in Abuse Centers.)

  3. r2a2r2j2 said

    I meant to say (hence the rise in Centers from Abusive Partners)

    • I knew dat. 🙂

      • r2a2r2j2 said

        Your so cool ! 🙂 (I’ve been married 40 years. My husband works at a homeless shelter 19yrs. He’s seen plenty of abused spouses both female and male and lots of adults who have lost their children due to homelessness over broken marriages. Yep, broken marriages).

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