Rebel Without A Cause

If you need something done—or, better yet, don’t think it can be done—just tell me I can’t do it. Oh yes, I’m a bit rebellious—maybe stubborn is a better word—and if I’m told I can’t do something, you best stand aside.Sometimes, this is an advantage, and sometimes… well… I have some scars I don’t like to talk about, and some of them aren’t visible. (Git yer mind outta the gutter! I’m talkin’ ‘bout emotional scars and such!)

Anyway, (Drum roll please) yours truly just completed the Thirty Day Plank Challenge! I saw it on Facebook—didn’t have a clue what planking is—so I Googled it. Well! “That looks pretty easy,” I said to myself. And, it was! Until, that is, around day twenty-one, where you do it for three minutes. Dang!

But! Never-say-never, don’t-quit, rebel-without-a-cause, me just used a little common sense, and forged onward. (Some would say I cheated, but I seldom listen to those negative types.) I revised the plan, stretching it to forty-eight days instead of thirty, and, by golly, I did five full minutes yesterday!

I plan to continue, but I’m not sure how to proceed. The results are definitely worth the six packeffort though, and I don’t mind showing y’all a picture of my six-pack!





Plank Challenge link



  1. r2a2r2j2 said

    You’re a good man Charles L. Mashburn!! I saw that same Plank Exercise on Facebook too. Thought it looked great! Copied the graphic and the chart to my graphics program and there it is! Yep! There it is. Its still snowin’ up here and its really, really cold and my snuggly blanket is just so, so warm when I’m all done dashing through the snow in a Six cylinder Subaru its all I can do to get up and make the hot chocolate! But your blog today was mighty encouraging so I “Googled” the Planking Exercise! And I’m sure not gonna do that now! Its just too fancied up! They’ve changed it all up Charles! Wouldn’t ya know it? Just like the world to do so, and ya outght to see it. Get a load of this calendar to do your Planking by. Its like Aerobic Planking!! They took the Plank out of it!!
    – Well now, they have what’s called a “40 second SPIDERMAN PLANK” which is done on day 21 (I see) as a third consecutive exercise in line with the 45 sec. regular plank, the 45, sec. SIDE plank, a two-point plank, a crouching plank, a 30 second THREAD NEEDLE PLANK, AND A 40 SECOND CROUCH HOVER PLANK! And I’m still trying to talk myself into doing a simple what is now an “OLD FASHION” plank. State Of Maine’s motto, “Maine, the Way Life Should Be!” Slow down, and stop trying to impress. — Planks, we use them for the fifth season of the year. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and the Fifth season – Mud Season. (We walk on ’em to keep our feet pretty). God Bless.

    • That’s crazy! It’s evidently for guys like Superman and Batman. I went for simple–Charlie loves simple!

  2. r2a2r2j2 said

    Next they will have competitive planking! With planking sports clothes, shoes and all. Planking Belts to show your level. LOL They’ll find a way to make money out of this! Way of the world. I thought that page was hilarious. Have a great day. Love your blog. Keep on shining though, Charles.

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