My Super Bowl

Two years ago we drove to Cashmere, Washington to see my youngest grandson, Nathan, play football. It was  a trip I’ll never forget.  This is the story I wrote the day after the game.

When Nathan was leaving the house to go suit up for the game, I told him, “Have fun, and play every play like it’s the last one you’ll ever play.” As I sit here this morning reflecting on the game and writing about it, I’m thinking maybe he took my encouragement to heart.

He gave his grandpa (that’d be me) memories that will replay in my mind for a long, long time. Who could ask for more?

I won’t give you a play-by-play, or all the stats, because it would take too long, but the highlight was the two interceptions for touchdowns. It don’t get much better than that; the second one was a leaping catch and a sixty yard dash down the sideline—right in front of us—to the end zone. I’m still grinning!

I might never get to see Nathan play another football game—we drove 3000 miles to see this one—but I’ll never forget the one I saw last night!  

One Proud Grandpa!

One Proud Grandpa!



  1. Gary said

    Charlie is he a speedster like you were?

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