Maybe You’re Just Tired

When we’re weary, our troubles and trials are magnified, and our fuse can be short. Our negative reactions IMG_20140921_070227099_HDRoften stem from worry, and I’m of the opinion “worry” is just another word for fear.

Too often, we worry about the bad what-ifs, instead of focusing on the good what-ifs, and if we’re focusing on bad stuff that might happen, we’re not going to be happy campers. We might as well chop that apple in half and put sand on it before we bury it. (If you’re wondering what that silly statement means, see the February 9 encouragement.)

When we focus on God and the many blessings and good things He’ provides us, we will not fear the future; we’ll look toward it with excitement and anticipation.

When you’re tired, turn your thoughts to God, and think about good stuff. You’ll still be tired, but you won’t be weary.

For I have fully satisfied the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul. Jeremiah 31:25


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