Live In Peace??

I saw several comments on an FB post this morning from a guy who claimed to be an atheist. The post was about the recent beheading of 20 Coptic Christians by ISIS, and it was basically calling for the destruction of that group of people. In one of his comments, the atheist stated, it would be fine if all the Muslims were eradicated, but he hoped all Christians could be done away with as well.

“…so the rest of us could live our lives in peace.” Based on his other comments, I can only assume the “rest of us” amounts to only those who believe in no higher power, other than themselves.

Based on some population info (not sure how accurate, but it was what was available on Wikipedia), this guy would like to see 90% of the world’s population eradicated.

I’m thinking he must be a global warming enthusiast, and simply wants to save the planet… or something like that. utopia


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