Think What You Will, but…

There are people who don’t believe in Jesus, and they sometimes degrade and mistreat His followers. We should not allow the be careful what you sayopinions and taunting of non-believers to discourage or distract us. The only opinion that should matter to you and I is His!On the other hand, we who profess to be Christian, sometimes rush to judgment and condemn other Christians when they don’t believe exactly as we do, and don’t do things the way we think God wants them done. When we appoint ourselves judge and jury over other believers, we are, perhaps, placing a millstone around our own neck.

Think what you will, but… be careful what you say.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:5-6




  1. Charles Mashburn-
    Came across your book ‘Be Still’ online, and read that you once lived in Buckeye, Az. My mother’s father was Rev. C. R. Turner of Buckeye. Enjoyed the blog ‘Yep, you got that right.’ Jewell Turner was my Uncle, my mother’s oldest brother. My mother was Geraldine, 6th of 7 siblings, Mrs. Arizona in 1953, last sibling to die, in 2008.
    Jewell certainly remains a memorable character… When I fell running along his corral fences, he shoveled my hands full with cash, so I wouldn’t cry. I was 9, still have the scar from that gash under my chin.
    I grew up in Phoenix, born there, still live here. Was ‘saved’ at age 7, never doubted who I belonged to since. Practically lived at a Southern Baptist Church, Sunday am & pm., Wed Prayer Meeting, Girl’s Ambassadors, monthy dinners in Fellowship Hall. Church camps. Many wonderful people. My best friends, times came from those days. Am no longer a Southern Baptist, but remain thankful I was always able to debate the Bible there.
    The Lord continues to bless my life. Can’t imagine this journey without Him.
    Wonderful to see your words, experiences. May the Lord continue to bless & sustain you.

    • Yep, I’ll never forget old Jewel! That was my shortest job ever! I really enjoyed your comment! Stop by again sometime, and tell your friends and relatives about the blog! Oh, we went to Southern Baptist too. One of my all time favorite men–Billy Meck–was my Sunday school teacher when I was ten. I mention him in another blog post (several actually) called, I Want to Be Like Billy.

  2. Please correct Washburn to Mashburn, casualty of predictive text., my apologies!

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