The Moon Touching the Rainbow

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by the blessings I’ve been given. I’m healthy, I have more than I need of most moon and rainboweverything, but most of all… I am loved. What more can I ask?

Like a Pearl Set in Gold 

It has been said

     One in ten thousand moons

     fall silently from a daytime sky

          to touch a rainbow

          and there to glisten

               like a pearl set in gold

                    resting upon a pale blue cotton dress


Some nights when I am restless

     Tossing and turning

     and wondering why sleep won’t come

          I turn to find you sleeping

          so peacefully at my side

                Moonlight through the curtain gap

               laying soft across your shoulder


Troubles and worries fade

as I gaze lovingly at you

     and realize how blessed I am

     to have found this treasure

          A proverbial rainbow’s end


Peace washes over me

     As I settle back

          and smile at my good fortune


Sheets rustle

and I feel your hand move to my chest

     Sweetly, you whisper, I love you

     then your deep breathing resumes


A tear falls as I give thanks

     For sleepless nights that let me see

          The moon touching the rainbow

               That lies sleeping next to me


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn



  1. Ken Mashburn said

    Did you write that Half Chuck? Very Nice either way . Cheers Ken

    • uh… yessir. That’s why it has that copyright thingy at the bottom. Thanks, Bro!

  2. r2a2r2j2 said


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