Keep It Simple

Sometimes it seems we think solving a difficult problem makes us look intelligent or solving problemstalented. I’m thinking, it should be more impressive to not have a lot of difficult problems to solve.

I’ve found that focusing on Jesus and the good things is very helpful when it comes to solving—or avoiding—problems of any size. It turns out, many of my problems were made larger by worrying about them, and when I finally realized the answer was to stop asking for God to solve them, many of them went away. … … Say what!?!?

Yep! I’ve found the way it works best is to constantly thank God for preparing a path before me—one free of trouble and strife—rather than asking Him to fix the problems. You see, I was creating most of them myself, but when I began to focus on Him, I seemed to miraculously create fewer of them. It’s really quite simple!

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30

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