Beauty and Blessings

Beauty and Blessings

Beauty and Blessings

I was just sitting on the back deck, taking a break, when I noticed this scene. Sometimes, we can have something beautiful right in front of us, and we don’t see it. Now, in this case, there was a multitude of beautiful things to look at, but when this came into focus, it made me say, “Wow!” I’m always talking about focusing on the good stuff, but I have to admit it’s sometimes difficult to zero in on just one thing when we’re surrounded by beauty and blessings.

Have a great day!



  1. r2a2r2j2 said

    You haven’t heard me blabbing off at the keyboard because I am enjoying the wonderful greenery and the colors of flowers and the Sunshine (whenever we get it) and I’m Painting, Painting, Painting these wonderful visions of loveliness that we’ve missed so this long, cold, shivery winter in Maine. I’ve got my camera in my purse, and bought a new cell phone with a camera, to take pics for future paintings. Just love this picture, by the way. Its a very Happy picture! Happy Days to you too, now and throughout the year.

    • I certainly wondered, but that’s how it seems to go; people come, and people go. So, I just enjoy whoever’s here while they’re here! Thanks for being here!

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