Nothing to Fear

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In my younger days, I was afraid of nothing, but not for the same reason I’m unafraid today. Back then, I was unafraid because I foolishly thought myself to be invincible.

Nowadays, I still consider myself invincible but for good reason; my firm belief God is my protector. I believe I’m part of God’s plan, and until my part is completed no terror of night, nor arrow that flies by day, can harm me. He says it is so.

Fear is simply another word for worry, and faith is the opposite of both. With God as our shelter and protector, we free ourselves from worry and stress—both of which do nothing except keep us from the solution. Instead of worrying about the bad things, we should dwell on the good things, knowing God is our keeper and protector, and we have nothing to fear.

You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day. Psalm 91:5


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