What We’re Afraid Of

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Yesterday, I posted a message about faith and fear. (Nothing To Fear)

It is my contention that if we are truly filled with faith, we will have no fear.

The United States of America was once a nation of faith, but this is no longer true. Yes, there are still millions of people who profess a faith in God, and a few of them truly trust and believe in Him. Too, many do not.

Churches change their messages and subvert their belief systems for fear of losing their tax exempt status. Their fear centers on money.

Today’s Christians, following the example of their respective pastors and church leaders, live in fear as well. Their fear is also based on money, in that the thing they fear most is if they stand up for what they believe in, it will change things, and their convenient and comfortable lifestyles will be disrupted.

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” Job 3:25



  1. Charles I agree with you! I continue to wonder how it changes? How do we quit electing people because they have the most money to spend on campaigns and the least amount of answers to serious questions? How do we learn to listen to opinion and not argue or name call the people who have a different opinion? I know our lives are in God’s hands, how far will he let us fall before he begins to turn people hearts?

    • Kathryn: I wish I could say, “Here’s what we need to do,” but I don’t know all the answers. What I do know, is this: We must, as individuals, each turn to God and focus on Him. He is the one answer–probably the only answer–that can turn this nation and its people around. I also believe He has a plan, and is still in charge. As for turning the hearts of people, I believe only those who want to be turned will be turned.

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