White Noise

scenery 14 quoteI’ve noticed when it comes to politics there are basically two types of people; those who get involved and try to encourage others to get involved, and those who are being encouraged to get involved and want nothing to do with politics. Both groups will occasionally drift toward the other group, and some from each group will jump from one to the other, then, return to their former group. Me, I’ve been the virtual ping pong ball, frequently going from one side of the proverbial table to the other and, to be honest with you, I’m physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted.

I’ve known for years the office of President of the United States is virtually powerless, and the person holding said office is typically a mere figurehead, representing the interests of those who truly call the shots and run the show. What I could not grasp—maybe “admit” is a better word—for many years, is that our entire government is the same way. I suppose it’s been like this from the beginning.

Politicians disdain the public, and blatantly disregard the wishes of their constituents, until election time; then, they morph into smiling, baby-kissing, fist-pumping, together-we-can-change-the-world, super heroes, who will say and do whatever is necessary to get votes. They are all skilled professional liars, and seek nothing but to fill their own pockets by stealing from those they are elected to represent.

Represent… now there’s a word that’s lost its meaning.

So, what do we do? Supporting and fighting for a candidate for any office appears to be futile, as they will no-doubt bow to the powers-that-be after they’re elected; and yet, doing nothing—not being involved, and not caring—seems… well… wrong.

As a Christian, I try to hold onto the belief God is in charge, and, in the end, it will all work out to the good. I also believe we have to hold on to our inner peace and joy, and try to encourage others, but—for me, anyway—that’s getting harder and harder to do.

The world has become a screaming cacophony of confused, angry, and frightened voices that grows louder with each passing day, sounding like insanity on steroids. I have this vision… in which I see a world faded… and gray, and I hear… nothing… but white noise.

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