I Coulda Had A Rice Cake!

With my morning coffee, I almost always have a toasted English muffin with lots of my homemade jam on it. But, that’s not always possible when we’re traveling. Some hotels offer a “free” breakfast (I think the free refers to how it tastes), which in most cases is exactly what they’re worth. Anyway, I’ll sometimes go down early, toast a couple of English muffins, and take them back to the room. (Yes, I DO carry my homemade jam with us when we travel.)

I coulda had a rice cake!

I coulda had a rice cake!

Well, this morning: they didn’t have any English muffins, but they had thin sliced bagels, and I thought that’d be okay. Wrong! My cherry jam couldn’t give those suckers any flavor! After a couple bites, I said to myself, “Crap! I coulda had a rice cake!”


The amazing thing is, here’s the list I could’ve chosen from: Homemade yellow cake with fudge icing, homemade cinnamon/apple/raisin/walnut bread, homemade almond joy cookies, red velvet cake, and white chocolate/raspberry cake.



Hey! It’s Sherry’s birthday; I brought the cookies and bread. The Lone Star chapter of the TMCA provided the rest.

I just wanted something sweet with my coffee.

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