We Built This

old lionYes, we be lions, and yet, we have allowed ourselves—even chosen—throughout our lives to be ruled by dogs, accepting the morsels and straw they so graciously meted out to us, while believing their grandiose lies with which they convinced us the morsels and straw were caviar and silk, while promising even tastier and finer was to be had in the days to come. And now, we grumble and roar, threatening to leave the cages they’ve duped us into constructing around ourselves, but the roars sound like mewling whimpers to the dogs, for they know we will not bite.

And so, from our separate cages, we angrily shout, “Revolt! We must become as one and revolt!” Ah, but even mild revolt in the form of such things as boycotts of products made by the worst of the dogs, proves to be weak and pointless, and does nothing to loose the bonds and return to us the freedom we have allowed them to take from us. “We must fight then! A revolution!” But then, slowly we begin to see and understand; Revolution can only occur when the mass of rebels is larger or stronger than the current governing body. And the problem with a mass made of human souls is one of unity, and such unity will never occur to the degree necessary in a country—a world—that consists of millions, even billions, of souls; each of which believes it alone has the only real solution to the world’s quandaries.

Yes, a strong singularity of purpose may place many into a vehicle that will carry them toward a common destination. But as time passes—and it passes quickly when the wheels of revolt begin to wobble—some will choose to ride in another vehicle, some will choose to walk, and still others will choose to return to safety via the bus—fully fueled, warm, and comfortable—provided them by the establishment/status quo of the dogs. In any case, division will ultimately occur, and defeat will always follow. The dogs know this.

And so it is; though we be lions, we have no teeth, for our growling and grumbling is done from the confines of our individual—and quite comfortable—cages, and fear of what awaits us should we venture out is what keeps us within. And so… we lie down in our comfortable beds, nibble at our morsels, and sigh, as we admit to ourselves… we built this.

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