Pick A Mountain

I remember topping the rise–the one where you come to the crest of the proverbial hill of your life and find yourself looking down the slope toward the rest of it.

PD 37 quoteI read a lot—always have—usually at night when I go to bed, and one night when I picked up my book, the words on the pages were blurred. The next morning, I called the boss and told him I thought I was going blind. After I told him why, he laughed, then made reference to my age and told me I probably needed reading glasses.

It was a shocking development. I wasn’t ready to be old. I’m too young, I said. I was a bit miffed as well, thinking there should be a long level stretch before the sudden drop.

And so, I took a hesitant step down the slippery slope, and stepped right on some loose rocks, which sent me head-over-heels down the slope. Finally, the slope leveled off, and I came to a sliding stop against a jagged rock. After dusting myself off I decided it would be wise to take things a little slower, and as soon as I slowed down, I started to see that things weren’t so bad. So, I decided I should enjoy the scenery and do something as I wandered this new path. I thought about things past and dreams I’d had; dreams when I’d thought the hill was a mountain, and things atop it would be glorious and last forever.

Should I go back for those dreams, I wondered. No, I decided. That’s not possible. But, I could dream new dreams; give myself something to shoot for; maybe not the moon this time, but something not quite so high and unreachable. I looked at the valley of life all around me and realized it was surrounded by hills and mountains, begging for someone to climb them.

And so I moved on into the valley and that’s where you find me today; dreaming dreams of rainbows, hoping there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of the one I choose to follow; the one I see on top of that mountain right over there.

I need to go now. I’ve got a mountain to climb.



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