I Believe He Can Fly!

Remember that guy with the Handicap Parking sticker; my no-toes new neighbor with the attitude? Well, turns out he’s not only quick, but for a toe-less dude he can run pretty fast too! I had an opportunity to see him in action a couple days ago.

I was busy working on a project in the house, and I was getting to finishing it when I realized I’d forgotten to buy paint, and would have to make a quick run to Huntsville to pick some up. As I went through the kitchen, I glanced out the window and saw JB (the neighbor) cutting down some tall weeds that had grown up on the lake side of his retaining wall in the back yard. Evidently, he was just finishing up, because he placed his weed-eater on the grass, then walked around and picked it up. His golf cart was parked in the yard, and I watched as he tossed the weed-eater into it. To my amazement—and JB’s horror—the golf cart took off toward the lake.

The cart wasn’t going full-throttle, but it was going at a pretty good clip, and even though JB was quick to react, and was running alongside the cart, trying to reach in for the weed-eater, he was—as one would guess—in panic mode, and was thus inclined to make some not so good decisions. The first mistake—in my humble opinion—was when he jumped into the cart. The problem was, he jumped in too late, and all it got him was the thrill of soaring through the air, followed by a solo flight when he was ejected from the speeding cart. I’m guessing when he tried to hit the brakes, the weed-eater was in the way, and what he did was mash the weed-eater into the accelerator. In any case, the cart whipped to the right just before it went over the wall, and JB went flying into the lake with the weed-eater hugged to his chest.

The good news was, JB was okay, and the golf cart also survived the trip, winding up stuck in the shallow edge of the lake, but with the important parts remaining mostly high and dry. The weed-eater, which was sporting a brand new 40 volt battery, wound up sticking up next to JB, battery-end submerged.

What I regret most about the incident, is not having my phone handy. I would so love to post a video with this story! Shoot! I didn’t even get a picture of the aftermath! But this is kind of what it looked like:golf cart in lake

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