Chill, Baby, Chill!

I’ve seen it many times over the years; on a day—Thanksgiving, for instance—that’s supposed to be fun, exciting, joyous, etc., we get so wrapped up trying to make it perfect, we stress out to the point it’s no longer any of those things.

Slow down! Relax. Enjoy the preparations, and if things don’t turn out exactly like you want them to, roll with it. Laugh at the silly things that go wrong. I mean, if you set fire to the back porch while trying to deep fry the turkey, then maybe it’s time to stress out. But, no matter what happens, just remember you’ll probably laugh about it next year. Well, maybe not, but everybody else will be laughing.

I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones, and I hope you have lots of things to be Thankful for. Love and peace to all, and… chill-baby-chill-quote

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