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It Can’t Always Be Spring

I’ve learned the sun will come up each morning. Sometimes we’ll see it and feel it, and sometimes we won’t, but it’s there.

Love is like that; at times we can hear its sweet music, bask in its warmth, and feel its arms around us. Then, there are those times when it falls silent, cool, and distant. But, it’s still there, it’s just not as obvious. When those times come, and like a cloudy winters day, they will come, we have to know love is still there.

We must never doubt it, never turn away from it, and always know that behind the cloud, behind the mountain, behind whatever has made loves warm glow fade, it is there. But…

We have to let it be there. We have to want it to be there.

dark clouds 3


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Christmas Memories

Over the rumbling of the old motorcycle’s engine, a scream that sounded just like every little girl’s scream in every horror show I’d ever watched echoed through the forest. Uncle Ned always said they used the same little girl and the same scream in all those shows. He said it was a recording.

After the scream spent itself somewhere deep in the pines, the engine quieted and the old cycle slowed, bumping over ruts and crunching through bits of snow still hiding in the low places of the well-worn tracks of the forest trail.

From the looks of surprise and glee on Paula and our little sister Nell’s faces, I discerned the scream had come from yours truly and tried to hide behind the five-foot spruce that would be our “yard” tree this Christmas. The tree rode with me in the sidecar, and Nell rode on the buddy seat behind Paula.


Joy Ride” by DAVID UHL ©2016 #holiday #release #2016 “Joy Ride”#oilpainting#daviduhl #RSVP #uhlstudios #christmas #tree#spirit #original #photo #adamwawrzyniak

Paula twisted the throttle, our rusty steed leapt forward, and we shot up the hill toward

the old farm house. As we bounced and crunched along, sliding this way and that, Paula and Nell howled joyful laughter, and that little girl scream bounced among the tall trees.

It isn’t the only Christmas memory I hold dear, but it’s the best one.


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I’m Sure

I can’t even imagine all the things Jesus did that we don’t have a record of. The story of Jesus, as told in the Bible, is a condensed version of His life, and I’m quite sure He did many more miracles than are documented.

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There Are Times

There are times when I feel I have all my stuff in one sack, and then there are times I think there must be a hole in the doggone thing. But I’ve found the secret; trusting Jesus. When we put our in trust in Him, He fills us with the Holy Spirit so we can experience true hope by the power of His Spirit.

mountains and valleys 4

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The Sound of Love

I usually rise before the sun and, most mornings, I’m alone for a while with my thoughts and God. What precious moments they are.

Mornings with God are like drinking coffee. We sip from the cup of hot brew, and when it begins to grow warm, then cold, we refill it so that the heat returns. In the mornings, I refill my heart with the warmth of God’s love, and I take in all I can while I’m alone with Him. This rekindles the fires within me—the desire to know Him and be a part of His world and His plan.

It’s just me and God in the morning. We talk and we listen—I to Him and He to me. I read, and I write; He watches and smiles. I’m like a child in my search for His knowledge, and He is like a father watching his young child puzzle over numbers and letters.

I lay my requests before Him each morning, then wait expectantly as I go about my day. Sometimes… I can feel His loving gaze.

In the morning

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3

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