We Can’t Do This Anymore

Due to some of our comments and hints, some of you may have wondered what’s going on around our house, and a few of you might even think you know what we’re up to. The fact is, after 21 years, Sherry and I have decided it’s time to make a change. Oh sure, there have been more good times than bad, and all in all we both agree it was better than “okay”, but the fact remains, we can’t just go on settling for okay. Today, we sign the papers and it’s over.

You see, the fact is at least fifteen of those 21 years were spent being apart more than together. I worked out of town for eleven of those years, and Sherry worked out of town for three plus years. We were only together on weekends, and sometimes not even then. We often discussed—even laughed about—how that might have been our saving grace, in that the fact we were apart so much caused us to enjoy our time together. So:

we’re going to try doing things the way “normal” people do; were going to live in the same house (apartment initially) and spend all our days together for the rest of our lives. You see, the papers we sign today are to close on the sale of our house, and for the next six months—until the lease on Sherry’s College Station apartment is up—we will reside together at the apartment, and then buy a house. No matter what happens, we will be together—for real—and forever.

Y’all wish Sherry luck, ah’ight?


Whatcha wanna do now, Darlin?

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