This Isn’t What I Had Planned! ~ February 4

Sherry and I have lived this to the max for the last 30 days or so. We put our house up for sale, thinking it probably wouldn’t sell until spring. Then, BAM! It not only sold but with every step along the way, blessings and angels were strewn before us. I will mention only one here, and his name isDalton. He works at our apartment complex in College Station, and was just getting ready to leave for the weekend when we arrived with a pickup load and a car load of what was the final load of the move. (Everything else we own was picked up by the movers and is in storage.) As I walked toward the stairs to our THIRD FLOOR apartment, Dalton appeared at the bottom of the stairs and said, “Y’all need some help?” I just stood there blinking. I was exhausted from a week–or was it two–of packing and cleaning, and this 23 year old young man was the most recent angel to appear in our path. He helped us haul everything upstairs, then flat out refused to be paid for helping us. (I did convince him to take some homemade jam.) In the coming days, I hope to share some of the other stories involved in this move. But, folks, I’m here to tell you, God will not let you down.

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This Isn’t What I Had Planned!

It’s better!

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